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8 Inch Lamborghini Self Balancing Hoverboard with Bluetooth

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officially authorized dealer of hoverboard

  • Meets government safety regulations - Ul2272 Certified - will not overheat
  • Top-of-the-line components; Lithium Ion battery with 2-3 hours of charge time
  • Smart LED lights - zero degree turning radius - 15 degree Climbing capability
  • Lightweight design - 24 lbs

officially authorized dealer of hoverboard

Motor Type:
Brushless Motor
Lithium Battery
Max Speed:
Max Range:
Max Load:
White, Red, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Gold, Silver, Chrome Gold, Chrome Pink
Remote Control:
Play Music
Flash Lights
Charging Time:
Wheel Size:
Slope Climbing:

high quality self balancing hoverboards

Ecycle SUPO M2 lamborghini edition smart balancing wheel is powered by two 350W brushless motor, 8 inch wheels, which is better to pass through uneven roads than 6.5 inch segway hoverboards.

This smart balance wheel has flash lights on two wheels, which is beautiful at night, and can catch lots of attentions.

This hoverboard with bluetooth and speaker makes this self balancing wheels very smart.

Supo M2 smart balancing wheel

Powerful Motors

This smart balancing wheel is powered by two quality and powerful 350W motors, which can climb 30 degree slope.

12Km speed, just enjoy your hovering on this self balance wheel.

Supo M1 smart balancing wheel

Beutiful Flash Lights

This self balance wheel has flash led light on cover of two wheels, you can turn it on at night, light will flow under your feet.

Supo M1 black lamborghini hoverboard

Anti Slipe Rubber Pad

Special designed rubber pad will make you stand steadly on this smart balancing wheel, you can learn to hover it easily.

Supo M1 black lamborghini hoverboard

10 Colors Optional

Now only two colors in stock: Green with Black Pedal, Black with Red Pedal, Chrome Gold, and Chrome Pink.

There are multi colors you can choose for this smart balance wheel, different color combinations with different moods.

Supo M1 smart balancing wheel

lamborghini hoverboard

Bluetooth & APP Control

SUPO M1 lamborghini hoverboard has built in bluetooth which can be used to connect with you mobile phone.

Specially developed APP for SUPO hoverboards, you can use your phone to control the lamborghini hoverboard or check status.

Supo M1 lamborghini hoverboard

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Topic: 8 Inch Lamborghini Self Balancing Hoverboard with Bluetooth
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by...Augusta Billings

Got this for my son,He loves it.

As soon as he opened it, he was off bombing round the house as fast as it would go (we kept it on training mode inside the house).You do need good balance to use this.

Have tried outside too, and works well on most road conditions, but the smoother the better, as it can be a very rough ride if not on a smooth surface. A great buy

Charges reasonably quickly (approx. 2 hours) and is not getting over hot when charging.


by...Jason SwineyVerified Purchase

It has worked wonderfully since day one. My grandson loves it.

by...Harry Bray

Works great, very smooth ride. TIP of the day: Don't forget to wear a helmet, knee pads for safe riding. Don't be like MIKE!


An affordable Segway for the layman, 10 yr old, teen, and anyone with decent basic mobile coordination. Great training level mode which makes it quick and easy to learn. My awkward 10 yr old picked it up in an hour and loooooooves it! Easier to learn to ride than a skateboard.

by...Deborah DownsVerified Purchase
Received the 8 inch Balance Board in perfect condition within days of the estimated delivery time. I take it out of the box and plug it in to see if it would take a charge and spin the wheels, everything worked A-OK. If anyone is on the fence about buying from this particular seller, fear not, they held up their end of the bargain, sent exactly what was ordered, accommodated my color choice and sent the proper charger. They even made sure the air in the tires were filled.....I think they do a ... Read More
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