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2017 latest hot fat tire offroad hoverboard ECYCLE SUPO H1, which has 8.5 inch wheels and 215mm in width. This new fat tyre hoverboard is an absolute blast to ride in wild.

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The hoverboard works great, very smooth ride. TIP of the day: Don't forget to wear a helmet, knee pads for safe riding. Don't be like MIKE!

Harry Bray

Great training level mode which makes it quick and easy to learn. My awkward 10 yr old picked the hoverboard up in an hour and loves it!


Received the lamborghini hoverboard in perfect condition within days of the estimated delivery time. So far everything worked A-OK. Great experience.

Deborah Downs

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Hoverboards — the motorized, self-balancing, two-wheel electric scooters that let riders glide through foot traffic — are the hottest items on many holiday wish lists.

Hoverboard is a toy for all ages, this all-electric scooter has excellent handling, takes no training and has an almost shocking level of power. Ever since hoverboards first hit the market in 2015 they’ve been flying off the shelves in record numbers. Riding a hoverboard feels like you’re living a few decades ahead of everyone else. Remember that famous scene in “Back to the Future”, where everyone’s running around on flying skateboards?

Riding a hoverboard requires a certain level of athleticism. If you or your loved one is not the best at keeping balance on moving objects, then a hoverboard might prove to be a source of frustration instead of the source of fun and joy that it should be. There are a lot of fun ways to ride around the city these days. From electric scooters to foldable bikes, there’s plenty of entertaining ways to get to the office, lecture hall or café. Still, riding a Ecycle Hoverboard tops the list. We are the best shop for people in Ireland to buy hoverboard.

  • A Taste of the Future
  • Don’t Need to Balance
  • No Parking

From the second hoverboards arrived on the scene, celebrities everywhere rushed to get one of their own. Instagram and Twitter has been bombarded with images of stylish A lister’s riding one, from Martha Stewart and Wiz Khalifa to Justin Bieber and Skrillex. If you’ve got a friend or family member who always seems to know the latest trends in fashion and entertainment, they’ll be excited to have one too.

What makes the hoverboard so popular? Celebrities have brought this device into the mainstream media, making it a part of pop culture. The movie Popstar, featuring the guys from The Lonely Island, even references the hoverboard.

There are little things about hoverboards that make them great outside of the “cool” factor. They’re smaller, lighter weight and cheaper than electric bikes. While eBikes are still gaining in popularity, they’re still fairly unaffordable on many counts. Most hoverboards are also ready out of the box, needing no installation and nothing more than a charge. Some hoverboards nowadays even have self-balancing features to help make the riding experience easier.

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Ecycle SUPO Hoverboard Are Compliant With Most Safty Standards

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